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Amish Strength (Book One - Amish True Love Series)




Amish Strength (Book One - Amish True Love Series)

by Saraah Sowell

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Page count: over 230 words.

Mother Nature often has a terrible way of reminding us that we are not masters of everything, even those of us with modern weapons and protective gear. For the Amish community, wherein most members have only very basic objects, not even guns in many cases, with which to protect themselves in most cases, the consequences of meeting with a deadly animal can be tragic. In these cases, unless help can be obtained quickly, the person affected is most often doomed, leaving behind a grieving family and community alike.

How will Deborah cope with the loss of the man she’d planned to stand beside for many decades to come?

Deborah Yoder loves everything about her life as a married Amish woman, especially the relationship that she enjoys with her sweet, handsome Ezekiel. He is an excellent husband, wonderful father, and passionate lover, and he still makes her heart race after years of wedded bliss. However, when he joins the men in his community in an attempt to take the life of a marauding animal, he pays for the brave effort with his life. Now Deborah is left alone to raise her little girls, but the community’s children are safe from the creature.

She must now decide how to live life without the man of her dreams. Depression threatens to rob her of her sanity, and only the choice to live so that her girls do not lose another parent keeps her hope alive. After all, if it is difficult to cope with the loss of a beloved father, how much more so would it be to lose the mother they adore?

As she prayed, Deborah allowed herself to begin crying once more. She would miss her sweet Ezekiel, with his funny jokes, his strong hands and the way he snored at night. She would miss his deep voice, his insightful thoughts and the way he took his coffee strong and black, no sugar added.

She cried because her daughters would no longer have the chance to laugh with their father, ask his advice or be guided by his example. It was one of the most unfair things she could imagine, for it to happen to her and her own daughters.

Without Ezekiel, everything would be different. She couldn’t imagine waking up without hearing his deep voice singing as he bathed, dressed and prepared himself for the day. He was a hard worker, a good man, a good father.

It was so unfair.

She was heartbroken.

She was devastated.

She was empty inside.

Joshua King is new to the Amish community that Deborah calls home, but he is no unwelcome stranger to her neighbors and friends. When he hears of the pretty widow’s plight, he knows that he must help her, even if she does not seem to welcome anything except his friendship so soon after the death of her husband. Regardless of what she says to the contrary, Joshua is patient to wait for the relationship to develop into something more, especially when he discovers his own feelings toward the woman and her three daughters.

Just when he seems to be making progress in their relationship, a new threat to their life arises, in the form of another wild animal and another tragedy. Now the Amish community must deal with another senseless loss, this time a teenage boy with his whole life ahead of him. The men must go out in search of the killer yet another time, leaving behind worried wives and anxious children, but putting trust in the Lord that circumstances will turn out right because they trust Him.

Will Deborah ever open her heart to the idea of loving another man or is Joshua’s patient wait for naught?

Do Joshua and the other men have a chance of ending this newest threat before it claims another life—or more than one?




















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